On the Real Tail of Vashti

 Posted by on March 9, 2012
Mar 092012

King Achashverosh is terribly disappointed with… the TAIL!


Kink Achashverosh is disappointed with Vashti's tail, but Vashti is an animal!

Vashti's Tail

Frieda Vizel

In between raising her son, racing triathlons and cramming for graduate school, Frieda keeps busy by doodling and writing essays about her transition from Hasidism to life as a woman who charts her own creative path, trials, blessings and all.

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  1. D’mforshim zug’n az se leigtzich shver off’n seichel tzee zugen az s’iz mammesh gevain a veid’l (tail b’laaz).
    Nor vu den? Iz b’hechrech mimen zug’n az du redt zech fin a “pony tail sheitel”.

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