On Obama’s Afikoman

 Posted by on March 22, 2012
Mar 222012

Obama gets a special afikoman request


Israel steals Obama's afikoman and demands a bomb on Iran as an afikoman gift

Israel's Afikoman Present

Frieda Vizel

Frieda Vizel left the Hasidic community, the Modern Orthodox community and the Formerly Orthodox (OTD) community. She now lives in Pomona and is actively looking for a new community to leave. She deals with the perplexities of the communities she left by drawing cartoons about them, a habit that gets her into an excellent amount of trouble.

  8 Responses to “On Obama’s Afikoman”

  1. Trying something different. What you think? Any feedback?

  2. Great shpitzele! But you missed the second half of the story obama told israel”mochel toyves you don’t need to give me the afikomen, what for do i need it to have stomach aches from eating the matzas for the next few weeks!?” And i even heard that one of the satmer williamsburg frimaks criticized the president for talking like that on the holy mitzvah of matzahs and he said that this is what happens from having all those triefena kielim!

  3. And I heard Israel say “only a goy like Obama doesn’t know about making a “korech” of matzah and tums”!

  4. Ha ha shpitzele! but the truth
    is that not only a goy dosent like matzoh because I dont like it either and its not just the matzoh that I dont like its the whole yom tov piesach that I hate u can get crazy of eating eggs and pottattos non stop and not eating gebrokts etc.!!!!

  5. Eating gebrochts on Pesach should be our biggest aveira. Meanwhile, Obama is the first president to HAVE a seder. Just as President Clinton was called “the first black president,” so can Obama be called “the first Jewish president.” Never mind what some people say about his stance on Israel. The Jewish vote put him into congress and the Jewish vote put him into the White House. I believe it is in his character not to be a koifer toiva.

  6. Harav Shpitzig, where is the like button on here?

  7. Shpitzele: two weeks ago almost after a day of hard work your cartoon made my day and changed my mood to a better then ever. I still have a lot what to add on your other kind cartoons witch I’ll do with the time, but in meantime I wasn’t able to keep myself back from sharing with you an Feedback story on your great job.
    After sending your art piece to my frum brother and ask him for a comment, he told me to let know for the cartoon Artist: that different then all other cartoons witch is made just to fillful a flyer etc, is your work full of content and he believe that your other work is also on the same way with such deep brave ideas.
    So let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me happy with your all stuff and say: KEEP ON WITH YOUR GREAT JOB!

  8. US president Barack Obama announced in a short video, that he will celebrating the holiday Passover by managing a sader in the white house tomorrow night. So he could be called with fair “The first Jewish president” as Martina said. I’m desperate to sit by such a Sader witch will probably be served gebrokts there. “mamash am oneg yom tov” http://t.co/udTmF1Lg

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