On Kosher Cell Phones

 Posted by on April 6, 2012
Apr 062012

Is the phone kosherenough???


 A Hasidic customer buys a kosher phone, but wants to know if it's also kosher for Passover

Kosher for Passover

Frieda Vizel

Frieda Vizel left the Hasidic community, the Modern Orthodox community and the Formerly Orthodox (OTD) community. She now lives in Pomona and is actively looking for a new community to leave. She deals with the perplexities of the communities she left by drawing cartoons about them, a habit that gets her into an excellent amount of trouble.

  3 Responses to “On Kosher Cell Phones”

  1. As always, your cartoon is delicious food for thought. First I thought of the line, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Therefore, phones are not in and of themselves kosher or treif, only the people using them can use them for kosher things or for treif things. Like, people, take responsibility for your own actions!

    Then I study the cartoon and see this Chusid, langa peyos mit burd, mit a gartel oichet, trugendig a breiter beeber hit mit medicaid brillen, and I think, “Let him borrow a cell from any yungerman oifen gahs.” So I’m already giggling inside.

    Here comes the punchline–the phone has to be kosher l’Pesach! This is a real knee-slapper! It sums up in seconds the attitude of the people you’re trying to portray. Well done!
    Especially the naive look on the buyer’s face and the “anything to make a sale” look on the clerk!

    The little “K” on the phone is the killer–it’s like a hechsher for the phone. The details enrich your cartoons like a Hieronymus Bosh painting.

  2. Martina. I’m with you as I wrote earlier today in the afternoon, that shpitzele’s cartoonist is unbeatable.
    And about the buyer I have something to add, that for such a “farfrimta fard” doesn’t even suit to borrow a Cellphone from somebody else he have to use a payphoe only. He just came to tease from the seller if it’s kosher for Passover too, witch he meant to say that the same as it isn’t such a think like a phone kosher l’pashech, he can’t sell a phone with a K on it as well. And the seller answered him sarcastic that for such a frikin sike like you is it kosher l’pasech too. Because as you will not use the in middle of “yom Tov” pasech, you will not use on other days too. So for for you is the enough pasech’dig.

    Shpitzele: thanks again for well done art I’m still laughing of it. It’s awesome.

  3. Hi Chaniuck,

    I agree with you totally about Spitzle’s krachedig cartoon. I thought I was deep into disecting the cartoons but you have me beat by a country mile. You seem to be able to figure out what the two people are thinking and intending, what they should be doing and what they should not be doing. Sometimes this kind of thinking is called projecting.

    I also like to look at a picture and decide what the background and the story of the people could be. Unless the picture is very dark and threatening, I usually make up happy stories about happy people with happy endings. I guess I’m a glass-half-full sort of person. Mostly.

    The cartoon itself is fairly neutral. Like the Rorschach Ink Blot test, we tend to read into it what is in our own minds. This is fine as long as one is comfortable with those thoughts; that is neither angry, fearful or sad. Meditation and introspection can be ameliorative pastimes for many people.

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