Caption Contest! Win $25!

 Posted by on May 3, 2012
May 032012

Hello dear readers and commenters and lurkers! There are many exciting new features coming here to our very own blog in the near future. Are you excited? We are! Keep tuned. This post will stick to the top for a while: scroll down to see newer posts. Now…

Announcing the first exciting new feature: Caption Contest!

The Internet is NOT the problem sign

May Caption Contest

This cartoon is in urgent need of a good caption! Leave your caption ideas in the comments; as many as you like. A winner will be selected and announced in two weeks time, at the sole discretion of the blog management. Criteria for winning are kept secret in order to increase the mystery and excitement. Void where prohibited by law. And the winner will win… twenty five REAL dollars! The kind with which you can pay the IRS. YES!

Frieda Vizel

Frieda Vizel left the Hasidic community, the Modern Orthodox community and the Formerly Orthodox (OTD) community. She now lives in Pomona and is actively looking for a new community to leave. She deals with the perplexities of the communities she left by drawing cartoons about them, a habit that gets her into an excellent amount of trouble.

  91 Responses to “Caption Contest! Win $25!”

  1. you have a cigarette?

  2. Did you daven mincha already?

  3. Rabbi (speaking in carttoon cloud) : Rachmona Liztlon!
    Ari: How’d you know my name?

    (not a contender in the contest of course) …

  4. Lol, BHB!

  5. If you got a problem, why don’t you just send me an email.

  6. Ok, I’ll bite. “Hey, I recognize you – I think I’m facebook friends with your wife.”

  7. errr…, 7:15 IS a contender (but a poor one)….

  8. Israel is the problem!

  9. “You look so familiar… did I molest you as a boy?”

  10. Nu, I was going to comment on your Facebook page, but my internet filter didn’t let me.

  11. Di bist geven in Mikvah?

  12. “Zug mir, hust nisht vus tzi teen?”

  13. vie iz de beis hakiseh..

  14. tzi vus fehlt es ois

  15. vus shteit oif di sign

  16. ver hut enk geshikt du

  17. “One day, with God’s help, my children will not be able to read your sign!”

  18. etz zents meshugaim?

  19. !רחמנה לצלן מהאי דעתה
    !רחמנה לצלן מדעתה דידך
    (:גמרה ב”ק יא)

  20. vie ken men kutenen?

  21. de rebbe zichrono livracha iz geven kegen de tumene internet..

  22. “What time does the game start?”


  24. How much for the internet?

  25. נו התבדלות מרשעים וויאזוי קענען מיר זיך פארזאמעלן מיט מגולחים און הערן דרשות אויף ענגליש קעגן דעת התם סופר ורבינו הקדוש

  26. איר האט אפשר אן איבריגע אינטערנעט? שששש

  27. Dear Yeshiva Man: is your Torah so pure like the Holy Hasidim? do you know that the Internet has more children to molest than a Chasidishe Mens Mikvah.

  28. Amazing how everyone comes out of the woodwork for 25 bucks……

  29. Aaah, so who are you people? You must be lubavitchers.

  30. We have NO OTHER PROBLEM in our holy community!

  31. “I know you from somewhere…”
    “Oh… Never mind.”

  32. Vus iz dus “internet”?

  33. Stop child molestation filter your Internet with Verizon not questionable ISP’s….

  34. Inter WHAT?? I thought this was about intervesh! Ladies!!!???? (echo)

  35. You forgot your pants, chazir.

  36. Generation XX.
    Inderheim iz dus nisht geven.

  37. Ir redt Yiddish?

  38. דא זאגן חזל אויף דעים פשט אז דאס איצם ווארט ״ “internet” איז דאך א געפערליךן מיסן לשן. וייל ווען מיר קיקן אויף דאס דאזיגן ווארט קען מען ארויסנעמן די אויתיות ט ר ע ן……במהירא בימיני אמן

  39. מען טאר דאס נישט אנרופן אינטערוועש ווייל מקען האבן מחשבות זרות פון דאס ווארט אינטערנעט

  40. Tzedakah for pidyin shevuyim?. A young father of ten sitting in jail accused of….

  41. Join our rally our signs was not printed by the internet or any treifene technology rch”l

  42. Which one comes first? You use the internet then glitch, and turn to the shtern, shpakteev or vice versa??

  43. מצוה לשמוע דברי חכמים
    Whoever has Internet should be given over to the secular government to be punished!

  44. מעריב! מעריב! א צענטער

  45. The Internet IS the problem. We used to have magazine shops down the block. Now I have to ask my grandson for help.

  46. Internet IS the solution to all problems!

  47. Of course not, I am not wearing any Intervesh…

  48. The problem is they are going to throw my great granddaughter from Bays Ruchl if I don’t stop tveeting.

  49. כל מה דעביד רחמנא לטב עביד

  50. New Age Hasid, well, what’s the difference between intervesh and interntetz anyway?

  51. Oy gevald, you guys are hilarious!!!!

  52. “Judaism is not Zionism!”

  53. “shaygetz arois!”

  54. “I already disagreed on Twitter. Find me @Sheina-Meidel.”

    Edit by blog mangement: Winner!

  55. “Niiii, eynglish?!”

  56. “That’s what Verizon said, too. They claim the problem is that I didn’t pay the bill.”

  57. “ביי וועם ביסטו אן איידעם?”

  58. Not if you buy MY filter!

  59. “Exactly! The problem is with the anti-virus programs!”

  60. vot are you saying? I can only read yiddish.

  61. Eff you, why do you think there are 85 molesters roaming Boro Park?

  62. “I’ve always said it’s the solution: PC virus instead of HIV virus!”

  63. Hey, do you know how to get to Citi Field from Zucotti Park.

  64. נחום ראזענבערג ימ”ש

  65. אז מען אינטער-טרעןט בייטאג אינטער-נעץט ען ביינאכט

  66. don’t look here no boyz only ladies

  67. Shmuel Kessler :
    The Internet IS the problem. We used to have magazine shops down the block. Now I have to ask my grandson for help.

  68. Nisht nur iz dee internet traif!es fardarbt dee mugen, nuch men est es!

  69. “… and the next thing I know, she plasters our picture all over the Internet!”

  70. eech hub gehert az es iz du epes a ShtrimpShpeel of der internet. Men ken zeech nisht geneek achting geben fin eer!

  71. “Em, antchuldikt, vus zicht etz du?”
    “Um, sir, why are your peyes pointing backwards?”

  72. Rabbi: “Really? It isn’t? Could you have organized this rally without the internet? I don’t think so.”

  73. people how can anyone think that the internet is a bad thing; without the internet shpitzele would never be a cartoonist and we wouldn’t be able to have all the fun here!!

  74. כ’האב נאך גוט געקענט דיין זיידן עליו השלום, א וואילער יוד געוועזן. אוי רבונו של עולם פארוואס איז זיך איהם געקומען אזא ביטערן עונש?

  75. ” PROBLREM? We don’t have any problems here. “

  76. Not the problem? Have you seen the state of my wife?

  77. Chaptzem!


  79. Al Qaeda Meshugoim, is there drugs in your Nescafe?

  80. Quite right, that’s why the Rebbe banned the Asifa.

  81. …מיין מלמד’ס ווייטע בליק… ער האט נאר מאלעסטעד די וואס זענען ממילא צום סוף אראפ פון דרך

  82. Teheran, Israel

  83. But at least it distracts from the problem.

  84. איר זענט אויך געקומען פראטעסטירן די ציונות?

  85. דער רבי האט געזאגט אז ציונות איז די ניסיון פונעם דור. די רבי האט געהאט א ווייטען בליק!

  86. שטיי נישט דא, דו מאכסט א חילול השם

  87. […] and contributors! After much mysterious deliberation in shadowy corners of existence the winner of the contest was decided by majority vote. And the winner […]

  88. Didn’t you get he email we sent you about printing the sign in yiddish?

  89. ES :
    Didn’t you get the email we sent you about printing the sign in yiddish?

  90. Which email are you referring to ES, and to which email did you send it to?

  91. […] part of the mystery. Exciting! Here, the cartoon… but first, let me thank all the entrants in last month’s caption contest. Thank you! You make this blog what it is. Yes, yes, the cartoon: Therapy […]

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