July Caption Contest! Win $25!

 Posted by on July 2, 2012
Jul 022012
A Hasidic superman flying over the crowd

July Caption Contest

I have no clue what’s happening in this cartoon, as I trusted your creativity and wit to make something of it. Clearly something is happening. Please, contribute something original and funny or insightful or angry. Get silly. Humor me. Get rich. Humor yourself by winning $25 USD!

Please remember to make your submission with your name and email address. The email address won’t show but we’ll use it to send you the money when you win. Which you will.

PS: touch on an insightful topic and I’ll try to do a writeup with the final cartoon. As a matter of fact, I can do a writeup on a not-insightful topic too. I do it all the time!

Frieda Vizel

Frieda Vizel left the Hasidic community, the Modern Orthodox community and the Formerly Orthodox (OTD) community. She now lives in Pomona and is actively looking for a new community to leave. She deals with the perplexities of the communities she left by drawing cartoons about them, a habit that gets her into an excellent amount of trouble.

  77 Responses to “July Caption Contest! Win $25!”

  1. The flying spaghetti Rabbi

  2. “Nu, nebech, he is a baal Teshuva”

    “He can’t be Moshiach, he has a litvishe jacket/chassideshe peyos”

    “How do you say ‘kafkaesque’ in Yiddish?”

    אנשטאט די זיידעס זאלן אראפ קימען, בין איך ארויף געגאנגען

  3. “That’s an easy one! Chagall! Do Picasso next.”

  4. געפלויגן פון ישיבה

  5. טאנצט פאר שמחה

  6. Gefloigen kein boiberick..

  7. fleet in dee hoyacha himlen..

  8. The Rebbe asked me to jump. I asked “how high?”

  9. Phew! That was SOME cholent!

  10. The Rebbe is dead! Now we build the idol??

  11. די נייע פלי רעקל פון דזי ענד דזי

  12. And all this time you had me believe you were the One and Only All-powerful one… you’ve fooled us all for so long…

  13. מ’ווייזט אים די ציץ

  14. ער טוט זיך אן א מעשה

  15. I’ll take the morbid spin:

    “קיק, יענקעלע איז נעבעך משיגע געווארן. ער האט געכאפט א נערווען בראך אין אראפ געטאנצען פין דאך.

    (The truth is, he was molested for years but was affraid to tell anyone out of fear of being judged by his parants or ostricized by the school principle!)

  16. Nebech he was always a little crazy

  17. Oy -he is not wearing a hat anymore?!

  18. New advertising campaign for breslov: come fly with us…

  19. Finally everyone is looking up to me!

  20. I wonder why my cartoonist had put me up there? Its very high and i’m scared

  21. Yankel… lets wait if anyone else is coming behind him.. i wonder if he was alone on the roof.

  22. Nebech.. i know his father, he is such a chushever yingerman

  23. Geb ah kick. S’is gutt fin himmel

  24. No, I know first hand he wasn’t a faygele. (I tried groping him back in yeshiva days.)

    He didnt jump!!! He smoked a cigarette, leaned forward, and fell off.

  25. “Tuchess Oifenn Tisch!!!!!”

  26. Chasidim’s Got Talent. (Judges–open for suggestions)

  27. Rav Wosner: “Schools must expel kids whose wicked parents indulge in watching suicide spectacles among a mixed crowd.”

  28. “איז ער אן אונזעריגער?”

  29. “I’m glad he’s a man. My father would never have watched a woman commit suicide.”

  30. “Why must he make such a chillul hashem? Couldn’t he have removed his yarmulke?”

  31. “Promoting ‘Hasidic Manifest Destiny!'”

  32. To explain the above: See Wikipedia on Menifest Destiny:

    Historian William E. Weeks has noted that three key themes were usually touched upon by advocates of Manifest Destiny:

    1.the virtue of the American people and their institutions;
    2.the mission to spread these institutions, thereby redeeming and remaking the world in the image of the U.S.; and
    3.the destiny under God to do this work

    And see the painting by 19th century artist John Gast: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:American_progress.JPG

  33. “יויש, כ’האב געמיינט אז ער גייט קומען מיט אן אייזל!”

  34. “Gravity is just a scientific theory! See, at this moment, you can’t know with certitude whether I’m ascending or descending.“

  35. “I repeat, “Gravity is just a scientific theory!'”

  36. “Did you know R’ Shipermann uses to be one of the BIGGEST heroes by the Goyim before he became Jewish? They used to call him a Super Man. Now of course they don’t talk about him anymore!!”

  37. I TOLD you Hogvartz wasn’t a Yeshiva named after a village in Hungary!

  38. Is Superman Jewish?

  39. Oh, BD beat me.

  40. באקאנט די מעשה דער בעש”ט מיט די תלמידים זענען אנגעקומען צו א וואסער האט ער געהייסן די חברייא צומאכן די אויגן און מצייר זיין דעם שם יהוה והנה זיי זענען צוזאמען אריבערגעפלויגן. ווען מ’איז דבוק אינעם אחד יחיד ומיוחד קען קיין בייז נישט געשען האט דער בעש”ט ערקלערט.

    נו דער פרומער בחורל האט אינזין געהאט שם הויה ער’ט אבער בטעות געפנט איין אויג און געזען אן אשה.

  41. אבג די רבי פליעט אין הימעל

  42. Moshe Poppins!

  43. “Oh vay..another one is leaving!? who is staying?…”

  44. “Oh vey..another one is leaving!? who IS staying?…”

  45. דאס הייסט “high as a kite” ?

  46. “It’s not what you think; it’s a libel”

    In our world, reality has no place. for if it would, the days of keeping everyone in the box are numbered. If we can’t face it, it hasn’t happened!

  47. Oh look, the flying Nun has made teshuva!

  48. Like Elijah on mount Carmel who asked G-d to reveal himself – let us test the theory of Intelligent falling. And then the people did cry “He falls, he falls. The Lord—he is God! The Lord—he is God!

  49. “25 dollars, to work, think, write, what does she think we are? Goyim? I could get 25 on the black market in ten seconds in a thousand ways!

  50. “25 dollars, to work, think, write, who does she think we are? Goyim? I could get 25 on the black market in ten seconds in a thousand ways!…she probably expects me to pay taxes.”

  51. The Ascension of Shlomo Zalman.

  52. איז עס כישוף, אדער מעדזשיק? י

  53. Yoy, a tatteh fleet..

    (this caption is brought to you by my daughter, Chana Tzirel*)

  54. וכלי הקדש: זה הארון והציץ. שהיה בלעם עמהם ומפריח מלכי מדין בכשפים, והוא עצמו פורח עמהם. הראה להם את הציץ, שהשם חקוק בו, והם נופלים

  55. Fifty shades of black and white.

  56. He’s a test pilot in the new Charedi Talmud-powered airforce.

  57. “Such joy, to see him flying like this. Such a sweet kallah he got too…”

  58. That’s Rebbe Harry Potterberg, Mrs. Maggele. He can’t seem to stay in one place, gottenyu.

  59. Look at that Smendrek Dovid, he still thinks he can fly!

    I know, last Tuesday he thought he could fly for over an hour! I got such a neck ache!

  60. Thanks, Superman–your lessons worked!

  61. So this is what they meant when they said the draft protest has really taken to the air.

  62. “Kosher.” “Kosher.” “Kosher.”

  63. Wow! Reb Elyashiv fleet aroif in himmel.

  64. Oy, ze flyin’ rebbie is landing.

  65. Rebbe blesses all hasidic jews…goyum? Nev-va!

  66. In theaters now: ‘Yossele fleet’

  67. It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Superchusid!!

  68. For the Rebbetzin’s cholent the brocho achroina is tfillas haderech.

  69. “the dangerous influence of Marc Chagall cannot be underestimated.”

    or (for you WW2 Buffs) “Tora! Tora! Tora!”

  70. Rebbe Chaim jumped for joy when he saw the sign” Time to blend with the human race…. become a fashionesta TODAY!”

  71. “The rabbis’ been watching re-runs of “The Flying Nun” again!

  72. “Funny, that don’t look kosher to me”!

  73. “This is Passover”?

  74. “Is that my marble rye, under his arm”?

  75. “My son, the flying rabbi, who knew”?

  76. Chasidim: In your face, Otders. Eliyahu Hanavi is real!

    Otders: Ha! We can make these gullible chasidim believe anything! What a joke!!

  77. […] note: the picking of a winner for the July Caption Contest has been delayed due to unforeseen technical issues. Stay tuned; we will anounce it […]

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