November Caption Contest

 Posted by on November 18, 2012
Nov 182012

Wait up, people. I am here with my sad and belated little November caption doodle and list of reasons for the delay that I’m itching to kvetch about. My tablet electronic drawing pen got lost and I could not draw anything new (I posted stuff from my cartoon freezer). Yes, lost. The dog did eat my homework, I swear. A junior person in our house took it from where he shouldn’t have taken it and claims to have put it to “good use” but he totally forgot the location of this “good use”. He and I combined forces into a split-task search team: me looking, him not looking ľand found nothing but toy stores under the gas range. So I ordered a replacement for the expensive pen. By the time the new pen arrived it was past November 6, past elections, past Obama staying and Sandy storming, and a host of opportunities to cartoodle was lost.

I had been hoping to do a captionless drawing about current events, politics, Israel, natural disaster, Thanksgiving, etc, because I thought it would be fun to hear your twist on it all. I’ve been thinking about these things lately because Hurricane Sandy left us without power, heat or connection for a whole week. At the mercy of good people, we wound up sheltered by a family of political enthusiasts who sought to enlighten me on the values of the exciting Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Herman Cain. I generally tune out politics; I’ve tired of it and I’m cynical of the Washington business of washing hands. But listening to my passionate Republican hosts preach about abortion made me think about it a lot. I decided the time was ripe for a doodle with turkeys at abortion clinics and pumpkin pies in the sky. But like I said above in reason numero uno, the drawing pen got lost.

So I found this oldie and pathetic drawing in my doodle folder. Maybe you guys can come up with something witty that’ll make a mentch of it. Last month’s winning was hilarious. That was a good final cartoon (and I’m really grateful to Shulem for writing that really sweet and thoughtful post, especially at a time of blackout when I could manage nothing more than finding my way to bathroom with a flashlight.) For this month’s cartoon, if you can think of something smart and funny, I’d love that. Next month, I promise, I’m going to do something relevant. Maybe with Obama and Judy Brown and Christmas Trees and Deborah Feldman with my Jewish History professor Glenn Dynner whom I’ve doodled all those times I pretended to take notes. Or not. Keep brainstorming, Shpitz.

Now that I got all that off my chest, here’s the cartoon for the November caption contest. Please comment — and thank you!

The Akaida with Isaac and the ram

On the leap of faith

 Posted by on November 16, 2012
Nov 162012

A woman takes a leap of faith and falls off a cliff

Sometimes, in conversation with friends I admire and learn from, we discuss beliefs and what we know about God and The Forefathers et al. At some point in an interesting discussion we would arrive to a question in belief that cannot be definitively explained or scientifically proven and the believer would say: “now see, here you have to take a leap of faith.”

What it is that “leap of faith”, I have been struggling to understand. When do you leap and how do you leap and what kind of shoes do you wear for the leap and what the heck does it mean to leap in faith?! If you cannot prove that something exists or some law has purpose, why take a rather perplexing leap and assume that it does or it doesn’t Why not retain the open question and accept that at this point, we do not know? What is wrong with not having all the answers?

Taking a leap of faith and assuming in a belief one way or another instead of accepting that we do not know seems rather dangerous to me. I’d rather not. I’ll cross over to the side of that faith as soon as science builds me a ramp.