Cartoon Garage Sale

 Posted by on June 13, 2013
Jun 132013

I’ve decided to unload the doodle garage up here. These are a bunch of cartoons I’ve drawn over the span of the past year and a half that didn’t make it into posts. I decided to put them all up because really, what’s the point of them embarrassing me in private? And anyway, I need motivation, any kind of motivation, to keep my creativity flowing and my voice active, so I thought that opening up my cartoon file for public consumption will help. Looking through them didn’t encourage me much– actually, I cannot for the life of me remember why these doodles once cracked me up so. But I still thought I’ll let you see what I got so you can– at least– understand why I haven’t been doing it much.

Truth is I’ve had an extremely taxing winter. It turns out that raising a son on your own and also working and going to college is hard on the clock, and I’m typically left with little time between putting away my computer and cuddling up to my phone in bed before I am taken away by the sleep cycle. Now that the semester ended and I get to take a breather, a spring cleaning of the cartoon cellar happened. Here it is. Enjoy.

I’m thinking about drawing some new ones. I haven’t really been into contemporary Hasidim/orthodoxy lately, but other things that are on my mind may surely appeal to my open-minded readers: my little apple who is not far from the tree, my summer reading list, my biking craze, and my brilliant idea to spend the summer cultivating an appreciation for fine wine as to become a proper snob. One of those things can surely amount to a cartoon without ever using a pencil. I just need some encouragement, maybe some reason to spend my time for hours over the drawing tablet working for the six people plus me and my Frimet who like my stuff. Once I get the drive I’m sure more mikvah lady art will come to blow your mind to smithereens. Or come to the cartoon cellar – there’s room there now.