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Dearest readers,

How, you ask? With pens and pencils and erasers and paper and tablets and computers and software and scanners and… time.  And time (and pencils and scanners and so on), as the old adage goes, is… you-know-what. In order to make it possible for me to keep doing this and reach a wider audience, and to expand on what we’re doing now, I’m appealing to the readers for donations. It’s just until I find that darned treasure under the bridge!  Any proceeds will go to funding this project so I can keep it active. But yeah, I’ll keep digging. And doodling. But if you can and do help by making a contribution, I say thank you! Click here:

Shpitzle sitting with a charity box for her cartoons


For all others, I’ll say I told you so! As soon as I find this treasure I dreamed of, that is!


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  2. LOL

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  3. Wicked copy. Love it!

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